Today’s Celebration – Smith Elementary Music & West High School Band of Warriors

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

An e-mail that Debbie Crick received from Meagan Moyers:IMG_4581  “I wanted to share a celebration with all of you. My dad and I attended the Veteran’s Day Parade last week to honor all veterans and support West High School performances. We were at the end of the parade eagerly awaiting West as they were one of the last ones to walk in the parade. All performances were awesome, especially our Band of Warriors! My dad’s comment to me was, “It’s one thing to look great and sound great at the beginning of the parade, but when you look great and sound great at the end really shows discipline and dedication.” I could not agree more. The dedication is visible to the community, and I am truly proud to be associated with that level of excellence.”

It is also important to note that near the close of the parade a cold front blew in and a light rain began to fall. Our students stayed for the entire program that followed the parade, showing great respect for the occasion and impressing others in attendance.

And, Gail Janecka, the counselor at Smith Elementary shared her thoughts in an e-mail:Headshot Blanca Fleischmann
“VISD participants in the Veteran’s Day Parade are to be commended for their enthusiastic support of those men and women who have served our country. In conjunction with Veteran’s Day 2014, a special note of gratitude is extended to Blanca Fleischmann, first-year music teacher at Smith Elementary, and her talented 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students for their incredible tribute to all veterans through their musical presentation Thank a Vet, performed on November 7 to a packed audience at the VISD Fine Arts Center. Special guests were members of various branches of the U.S. Military—many of whom were relatives and personal friends of our Smith Elementary family. Miss Fleischmann wrote and directed the program, which reflected a universal sense of endearment and appreciation for patriots throughout the world. Selections ranged from Texas, Our Texas and The Star Spangled Banner to Die Gedanken Sind Frei, Dobu Noc, and Cielito Lindo—all sung in the native language of the country represented! It was an incredible tribute as well as an outstanding accomplishment on the part of Miss Fleischmann and her spirited students, who by singing in English, Spanish, German, and Czech, reminded us that freedom is a global pursuit cherished by all. There was hardly a dry eye in the audience at times, such as during the PowerPoint presentation featuring photos of Smith school family veterans, or during the reflection on freedom shared by Miss Fleischmann’s own father, a retired U.S. Marine. Captain Fleischmann traveled with several members of his family to Victoria—all the way from Mercedes, Texas—just to share his message with our VISD audience that evening! Thank you, Miss Fleishmann and Smith Eagle students, for making this stellar and memorable event possible. Your outstanding performance made a lasting impression in the hearts of many!”

Step one of the Texas All State Band Tryouts was a huge success!

Congratulations to all of the students from VEHS who qualified to attend the TMEA District Band Tryouts!   Step one of the Texas All State Band Tryouts was a huge success on Saturday as 49 out of 57 VEHS students were blessed to earn a District Patch, with most taking the top slots by outplaying every other school. Step two is Region Tryouts on Dec 6 at Alice HS.

  • Miranda Aguilar
  • Kolby Ashley
  • Alan Bailey
  • Hannah Balentine
  • Matthew Bast
  • Zachary Bengtson
  • Ben Biles
  • Xin Chen
  • Matthew Edge
  • Gavin Espinoza
  • Ryan Espinoza
  • Samantha Garza
  • Nicholas Gonzalez
  • Gavin Grace
  • Jonathan Gutierrez
  • Zachary Hamilton
  • Lauren Hurta
  • Daniel Jones
  • Mollye Joslyn
  • David Jurgens
  • River Koehl
  • Jessica Lam
  • Chase Laux
  • Angelica Lopez
  • Kerena Lopez
  • Ulani Lowe
  • Anthony Lowrey
  • Cody Macha
  • Michael Mares
  • Mariah Marshall
  • Leo Martinez
  • Gregory McCarthy
  • Javier Mejia
  • Ron Meyers
  • Cole Milner
  • Abigail Muehlbrad
  • Mashhood Nielsen
  • Timothy O’Keefe
  • Alan Olmos
  • Sarah Parsons
  • Christine Pickford
  • Skyler  Rayos
  • Emilie Saenz
  • Willord Simmons
  • Austin Smolik
  • Cameron Smolik
  • Michael Velasquez
  • Rachel Wood
  • Jasmine Yang

Congratulations to all of the students from WEHS who qualified to attend the TMEA District Band Tryouts! We had 37 students earn a District Patch, 27 of those students earned a high enough chair placement to audition again for Region Band in December.

  • Corbin Adams
  • Paul Alvarez
  • Makel Bates
  • Brittany Carter
  • Natalie Clark
  • Zoe Corona
  • Colten Davidson
  • Annabelle Delatorre
  • Jerrett Faires
  • Ashley Farias
  • Kayla Garrett
  • Alysia Gomez
  • Kassandra Gongora
  • Xochitlinda Gonzalez
  • Bianca Herrera
  • Tracy Hicks
  • Hope Howell
  • Taizhon Huff
  • Nickolas Hurt
  • Hannah Mallory
  • Aaron Martinez
  • Amber Martinez
  • Madyson McGaharan
  • Blake Montez
  • Megan Montez
  • Christopher Murphy
  • Raetsch Myers
  • Zoe Ng
  • Vinny Nguyen
  • Kaleb Ramirez
  • Arthur Sanchez
  • J.B. Schmidt
  • Amie Stange
  • Morgen Stange
  • Primitivo Tristan
  • Tea Whitehead
  • Meredith Winkenwerder

Crossroads Community Band Honoring All Veterans, Nov 11th FREE concert – Welder Center

Founded in 2009, the Crossroads Community Band consists of instrumentalists from all walks of life including retirees, teachers, doctors, librarians, engineers, computer specialists, business people, students, and musicians.  The Welder Center is located at 214 N. Main St. in historic downtown Victoria. Some selections listed below:

  • “Invincible Eagle March,” by John Philip Sousa
  • “Washington Post March,” by John Philip Sousa
  • “Duty, Honor, Country,” by Harold L. Walters, text by Gen. Douglas MacArthur
  • “Armed Forces Salute,” arranged by Bob Lowden
  • “Amazing Grace,” arranged by Frank Ticheli
  • “Black Horse Troop,” by John Philip Sousa
  • “A Patriotic Salute, arranged by James L. Hosay
  • “March” (from the movie “1941”) by John Williams
  • “God Bless the USA,” by Lee Greenwood
  • “Stars and Stripes Forever,” by John Philip Sousa

Guest conductor for “Washington Post March” will be Wilbur Collins, Victoria College professor emeritus who, in 1950, organized the first Victoria College Band.